Joost Wildeboer | LinkedIn

Joost Wildeboer began his legal career while still at university, as a student apprentice for Loeff & van der Ploeg (later Loeff Claes Verbeke and now Loyens Loeff), one of the most prestigious law firms in Holland. After his apprenticeship, he went on to be an associate and then a partner in that firm for 10 years. During his tenure at Loeff, he first specialised in insurance law and soon branched out into personal injury, gaining a great deal of practical experience. Joost Wildeboer has now been practicing law for over 25 years. He is uniquely qualified to handle the most complex personal injury cases and is particularly sought after by clients whose injuries result in major damages. Professional memberships include the LSA, Peopil (the European Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) and the American Association for Justice (AAJ), an American and international association of primarily personal injury attorneys.


Sabien Binkhorst | LinkedIn

Sabien Binkhorst received her legal training at the offices of what is now the firm of Hekkelman Attorneys in Arnhem. Her affinity for personal injury law started at the very beginning of her career. Sabien Binkhorst began her association with Joost Wildeboer in 2000. Her roster of regular clients includes a union of seafarers, through which she has gained valuable expertise in the area of injury as the result of accidents on board ships. She has maintained a busy and thriving practice in the field of damages through loss of life and is considered one of the top Dutch specialists in this particular field of expertise. Sabien Binkhorst has written about the international juridical aspects of personal injury cases for the Handbook of Personal Injury which she co-edits with Joost Wildeboer (see above). She is a long-standing member of the LSA.


Mariska Meerman | LinkedIn

Mariska Meerman completed her legal studies in 2010 at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She joined Wildeboer AVS at the end of 2010. She runs a full personal injury law practice with a focus on traffic accidents. Mariska finished the intensive Grotius Personal Injury programme in 2015 with honour and subsequently became a member of the LSA (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers). She is also a member of the Association of Young Personal Injury Professionals (VJJP). Mariska deals with personal injuries of civil servants and especially police officers by way of specialism within a specialism.

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